Our body is a permantly evolving system, in which the continuous miracle of cell regeneration is taking place.
In the adult human being from 50 to 70 billions cells die and are replaced daily. Our body is then ever changing. An intestine cell lasts an average of 5 minutes, the intestine being completely renovated in nearly 16 years. A white blood cell life is 2 days, and a red blood cell 120 days. Skin cells last an average of two weeks, the liver totally renovates in one year , skeleton in 10 years and the Muscle System in 15 years. It is an inexplicable miracle that, in spite of the fact that in 16 years we regenerate every cell in our body , we still keep our identity. This process of tissue regeneration and its timing have been proven by Carbon-14 dating through the research of Jonas Frisen, a Sweedish M.D. at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.
In the course of this continuing re-birthing process of cells , it is crucial that our system finds healthy material, to create strong new cells to replace the old. We can positively enhance this regenerating process by carefully choosing the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we daily introduce into our system.
Why should we not profit from this opportunity with good nutrition habits?

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