Since time immemorial Crystals and Gems have had ritual significance and are known to have healing properties as well as a positive impact on the body’s vibrational pattern.

The breastplate of the High Priest, encrusted with twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, the amethyst ring of Catholic Bishops, the crowns of Kings did not only have ornamental value, but were believed to empower and protect the bearer and endow him with wisdom and discernment.

We now know that there are numerous chemical and electromagnetic affinities between crystals and the human body.


The mineral components of gems and crystals (Silica, Magnesium, Selenium, Calcium, Chromium, Iron, Manganese, etc.) are also found in our body, so much so that often our attraction or repulsion towards a given stone reveal a lack or an eccess of the constituent element or elements in ourselves. Moreover, whereas our vibrations may at times be distorted and unbalanced by external or internal factors, crystals have a coherent and unalterable atomic structure , and, when laid on and around our bodies in appropriate patterns, they help clarify and cleanse our physical and psychic channels.
This allows energy to flow more freely, and gently opens the heart and mind, increasing our facility to connect to the source of our inner wisdom

The entire physical world is made of atoms that combine in different molecular structures, to form different materials. Atoms, although bounded in such a structure, are not static , but spin around in orbits and vibrate at a particular frequency, pertaining a particular molecule.
Every object on earth is therefore surrounded by its own specific electromagnetic field, often referred at as Auric Field.
In the crystalline molecular structure, atoms are organized in a geometrical lattice, in which they pulsate at the same frequency. They have what is called “a coherent vibration”.
Crystals, especially the Quartz family, have yet another peculiarity. When hit, cut or twisted, they emit an electrical impulse and, viceversa, on receiving an electrical stimulus, they contract or expand.

But the marvellous thing is that, no matter what the electrical stimulus received, the crystal answers back by imposing its stable pattern of vibration. That is to say that crystals have the capacity to reflect the energy they receive, and to return it amplified but not distorted or deformed.
The Crystal Healing technique consists in placing crystals around and upon the human body to establish this interaction.

But, to explain how the healing takes place, two further steps are necessary:

1. It is now generally accepted in the Scientific Comunity that, beside the memory of the mind, there exists a cellular memory, deeply engrained in the cells, a memory of which we rest unaware.

And in different areas of the body different memories remain hidden (anger in the navel, sorrow in the lungs, fear in the kidneys, and so on). Long before the scientists discovered this, the knowledge was reflected in all languages, in sayings and proverbs.
Crystals, by raising cellular vibration, help extract past memories from the cells, so that such memories seep out into the subconscious mind, in the form of symbols and images, later to be interpreted by the left brain, and ultimately got rid of for good.

2. There are in our body seven major energy centers, the Chakras, situated at the top of the head, between the eyebrows, at the heart and solar plexus, at the navel , in the sexual area and at the groin. They exist in the form of swirling vortexes that can be seen by some persons and felt by most.
Each one of these centers emits, that is rejects, a particular color (that means it absorbs all colors but this one, which is being refused)
By placing on these centers the very color that is being refused, cells receive a sort of a shock and an additional impulse to emit their engrained memories, with great relief for the person involved.

But there is another and most important effect crystals allow us to experience: when in a state of deep relaxation and expanded consciousness, the left brain stands aside, allowing images and suggestions from the subconscious mind to emerge. This is not hypnosis. The person remains fully aware and is encouraged to voice his or her sensations, particularly as to his/her liking or refusal of the various crystals and stones. This often leads the person to discover his/her own profound motivations and resources and his/her Soul’s project in life, and to connect with the divine spark within, feeling greatly empowered and inspired.

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