Diaphragm Breathing

Breathing is the most important of all vital functions. By inhaling we bring Oxigen into our system, which is vital for its functioning, and by exhaling we expell Carbon Dioxide, thus purifying our cells of debris. Breathing connects us with our external environment and is a powerful means of attaining harmony and self- awareness.
We all believe ourselves perfectly capable of breathing properly, yet our habitual manner of breathing uses only the upper part of the lung, which is only one third of its entire mass.
By doing so, we fail to bring about the complete turnover of air : this makes impossible the thorough purification of the system and the enhancement of its energy.
Try and ask a friend to draw a deep breath. You will notice that he will lift up his shoulders and expand his chest. He should instead inflate his abdomen, thus expanding his diaphragm and the base of his lung, wich is the larger part of the organ.
Shallow and incomplete breathing is the first and most important obstacle impeding the maintenance of health, and a positive and optimistic view on Life.
Learning Diaphragm Breathing is therefore the first thing we should focus on.


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