• Crystal relaxation ( 1 hour)
  • The hematite shield and other crystal lay-outs ( 1 hour)
  • Complete crystal healing session in expansion of conscience (2 hours)


  • Energy rebalancing according to the Polarity principles and methods. (1 hour)



  • Breathing and relaxation techniques (1 hour)
  • Programming a healthy nutrition plan, based on client’s “terrain” and blood type.
    Suggestions concerning vitamin and mineral supplementation. (1 hour)
  • Focusing on a specific physical problem, such as anxiety, overweight, stress, Candida, insomnia,
    acid-base imbalance, etc. (1 hour)
  • Zone Diet: calculation of lean body mass, weekly energy expenditure, amount of protein necessary daily. Food blocks. Explanation of the Zone diet principles and instructions of how to follow the diet, according to client’s tastes. (1 hour and a half)
  • Bach Flowers session: identification of proper Bach flowers remedies and preparation of the solution. (1 hour)


During Crystal Healing and Polarity sessions, it is our body that “speaks” and sends signals, later to be examined and discussed at the end of the session. On the contrary, the first Naturopathy session implies a preliminary consultation to:

  • Record medical history
  • Examine client’ s life style, eating habits and his or her issues and personal goals
  • Evaluate and test client’s level of energy ( voids, accumulations and / or leaks from the auric field)
  • Discuss how the identified problems have developed
  • Plan with the client appropriate steps to improve current condition

Based on this information, it is possible to program with the client the number and frequency of subsequent sessions.
In the meantime, clients are encouraged to keep a diary with their observations and impressions of their body and mind’s reactions to the treatments.

Sessions are available in Italian, English, French


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