Experimental studies show that a healthy life stile, which includes moderate physical exercise, optimum nutrition and stress control, is crucial to the maintaining of health. Yet, we often encounter sharp and sprightly old ladies in their nineties, who daily consume fatty foods and alcohol, having perfect blood tests, that verify their excellent health. Or, vice versa, diseases that are properly treated and cured tend to show up again in the course of time. Clearly a person’s health depends on other factors, factors that are not measurable in laboratory testing.



According to the Ayurveda and the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energy circulating in our Body is created by the condensing at the physical level of a more subtle type of energy, that flows in waves through the paths and lines, in a wireless pattern underlying and perfectly matching the physical system we know. This energy, though scientifically undetectable, is empirically discernable through touch and, through the physical touch techniques set up by Doctor Randolph Stone, based on the Polarity Principle, it is possible to evaluate its quality, and harmonize its flowing.

The pioneer of this approach to healing in the Western world is doctor Randolph Stone. Born in Austria to a catholic family, he soon moved to the United States where he earned Doctors’ degrees in Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Naturopathy. In the course of his many voyages in the Near and Far East, he came into contact with the concept of energy medicine, and elaborated the theory of the Polarity Principle.
The Principle is based on the fact that movement is everywhere in the world surrounding us. Even objects that appear inert and motionless, like a rock or a piece of plastic, reveal a whirling of atoms and molecules, when observed through a microscope.

The manifestation of energy implies the existence of Points, or Poles, with different potential, that causes a tension and a potential for flow between them. Energy flows then from the positive Pole, with higher potential, to the negative Pole, with a lower potential.

We may consider the battery poles, but also natural phoenomena like the shifting of atmosferic disturbances from high pressure zones to low pressure ones, or the descent of rivers from their mountain springs at high altitude to their outlet at sea level.
Similarly there exist, encompassed in human body, both at the physical level and at a higher vibrational level, Poles, that make the flowing of energy possible.

To activate polarities, thus triggering the process of life, there needs to be a Source, a primeval Centre. From this Centre life energy springs with an extremely powerful centrifugal force, and then returns, when having exhausted its potential for expansion.

Along the way energy condenses through different phases. Its vibration decreases and slows down to the point of chrystallising, in order to be integrated in pysical form.
In the human body, the diverse phases of condensing energy are made possible by a number of   energy centres, placed along the spinal cord, in connection with the major ductless glads, the Chakras. These centres act like frequency transformers of alternating current and there exists a distinct pattern of lines and paths, through which life energy circulates and pulses, rhythmically contracting and expanding.
In each Chakra there is therefore a different specific energy quality, which is called an “ element”, and these elements interact, to form the subtle human energetic outline.
Such energy originates and moves according to the laws of the Polarity Principle and flows throughout the body as if following an invisible circulatory circuit.
When this subtle form of electromagnetic energy circulates freely and harmoniously, the person remains in that state of dynamic equilibrium we call Health. If, on the contrary, this current of life energy becomes weakened or partially blocked, discomfort, stiffening and pain come about in the corresponding body areas, where the blockage occurs. Applying the physical touch techniques set up by Doctor Stone the system can be balanced and blocked points opened up, thus re­establishing the proper energy flow and its alignment with the vital polarities of the body.
This relieves the overloaded areas of the system and stimulates the weaker areas, bringing an incredible and immediate relief, which is both physical and psychological.
At the same time, the person is led and encouraged to tune in with his/her body functioning and to actively participate in the healing process.

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