Naturopathy (the path of Nature) is a system focusing on the laws of nature to induce and maintain that dynamic psycho-physical equilibrium that defines health.
In the opinion of naturopathic doctors, health is the natural human condition ; the unique purpose of illness is to restore this equilibrium.

When our equilibrium begins to falter, our body alerts us, well before disfunctions and problems can be evidenced by laboratory tests.




Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Overweight, Joint Pains, Water Retention, Metabolic Unbalances, Food Intollerances are warning bells that alert us that this equilibrium is being altered and something in our life style must be changed.
The gamut of alternative therapies and natural methods at our disposal, to facilitate the body self- healing process is vast . Among them the simplest and more effective ones are Diaphragm Breathing, Nutrition and, in some cases, Bach Flowers Remedies.

Diaphragm Breathing


Bach Flowers Remedies

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