Agnese A. ( Ines) Corrado

Was born in Genova, Italy on March 17, 1942. She graduated from the University of Genoa with a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages, after having attended Massachusetts’s Mount Holyoke College in 1962 on a Fullbright Fellowship.

She married soon after completing university.

It was while raising her four daughters that Ines became sensitive to energy vibrations, which sparked her interest to eventually explore the fascinating world of crystals and gems.

In 1999 she followed a course in the advanced healing arts at the Crystal Academy in Kawai, Hawaii, founded by the famous crystal expert and healer, Katrina Raphael.
In 2002 Mrs. Corrado attended the seminars of Patrick Drouot, in France, on rebirthing techniques that included: relaxation and breathing techniques, aura scanning, rebalancing, altered states of consciousness and past life regression.
In 2004 she obtained a degree in Naturopathy at the Superior School of Naturopathy of Genova and the following year a Doctorate in Naturopathy from the European University Jean Monnet in Brussels.
Her thesis was on Carbohydrates and she graduated summa cum laude.

Shortly afterwards, Ines obtained the Certificate of Achievement as a  Zone Consultant issued by the Zone Research Institute, founded and directed by Dr. Barry Sears.

Mrs. Corrado’s interests, in depth studies, and basic inclination to be helpful have increased her commitment to assist others access their inner resources of healing energy and individual potential.
For the past ten years she has been dedicating herself to this objective, assuming the role of facilitator, so that, through the resources of crystal therapy, energy enhancement, diet changes and the adoption of a healthier life style, the individual can remove the psycho-physical obstacles that impede harmony and self-realization.


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